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Brand: XangSane Model: P-05RUS
P-05R Audio Grade Hifi Transparent US Rhodium-plated Power Cable Plug A Set Pure copper rhodium-plated plug Strong oxidation resistanceResistant to plugging. durable, stable transmission window.adminAccountId=238253045;..
Brand: XangSane Model: AC101
AC101 Aluminium Alloy Audio Power Filter Power Conditioner Power Purifier AC Power SocketFeatures:The performance of every audio and video device you own is impaired by day-to-day AC power fluctuations and noise from appliances, phones, remote controls and the power grid supplying your home or ..
Brand: XangSane Model: XS-XT06
The same effect occurs with loudspeakers and power cables.The vibrations in the air from the loudspeakers, as well as the vibrations from the floor, produce microphonics within the cables.Often these cables, particularly speaker cables are relatively long, the effect can be significant. With the Tow..
Brand: XangSane Model: VSA-1000
Aluminum Alloy 6 Holes Universal + US Plug Smart Power Socket HiFi Audio Power Filter Outlet 1. Designed to use 6 multi-purpose power outlets + 4 US socket to meet different needs. 2. The use of high-quality high-purity copper wire to reduce the transmission loss, improve the energy supply..
Brand: XangSane Model: 4NPSXLR
Professional XLR Male To Female Audio Cable Pure Silver  window.adminAccountId=238253045;..
Brand: XangSane Model: 5noccspeakercable
Xangsane Audiophile Audio Cable 4roots HIFI 99.999% 5N Single crystal copper(OCC)Silver-plated Speaker Cable banana plug Y plug OCC silver-plated speaker cables and audio signal cables are very comprehensive in sound dynamics. The low-frequency details are clear and natural, the rhythm is high, the ..
Brand: XangSane Model: VGK-80T
Fever HiFi Audio Power Filter Red Copper Purifier Gold & Rhodium Plated Power Socket Outlet   ..
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