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Hi-Fi Speaker Cable

Brand: XangSane Model: 8agspeakercable
8N OCC Silver-plated Hifi Speaker Cable for High Performance Amplifier CD Sound Connecting Banana Spade Plug..
Brand: XangSane Model: 5noccspeakercable
Xangsane Audiophile Audio Cable 4roots HIFI 99.999% 5N Single crystal copper(OCC)Silver-plated Speaker Cable banana plug Y plug OCC silver-plated speaker cables and audio signal cables are very comprehensive in sound dynamics. The low-frequency details are clear and natural, the rhythm is high, the ..
Brand: XangSane Model: m66ag
Audiophile Xangsane Microspace Monocrystalline Copper Silver-plated Audio Speaker Cable HIFI Speaker Cable window.adminAccountId=238253045;..
Model: 8tcspkpair
OCC 8TC speaker cable, speaker amplifier HiFi connection cable Y-Y / Banana plug-Banana plug / Y-Banana plugProduct Name: Audiophile Grade 8TC Monocrystalline Copper (OCC) Audio Speaker Cable --- Commemorative Edition Brand: Xangsane Wire type: speaker wire Model: XS-8TC-YW Diameter: 10MM Packi..
Brand: XangSane Model: 12TClabaxian
OCC 24 Core High-End Gold-Plated Banana Spade Plug Speaker Cable A Pair..
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