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Hi-Fi XLR Cable

Brand: XangSane Model: SP-6008Agxlrpair
 SP-6008Ag Single Crystal Silver Core Audio XLR Cable Pair HiFi Audio Balanced Cannon Male To Female Gold Plated Plug..
Brand: XangSane Model: 5noccxlrcable
A pair of Xangsane HiFi 5N OCC silver plated Hi-end XLR Balance line audio connection line sound balance cableProduct Name: 5N OCC Silver Plated XLR Balanced CableBrand: XangsaneDiameter: 8.0mmConductor: OCC silver-plated conductor, single root 12 * 0.5mm²Insulation: Teflon + PVCPlug: XLR gold-plate..
Brand: XangSane Model: 4NPSXLR
Professional XLR Male To Female Audio Cable Pure Silver  window.adminAccountId=238253045;..
Brand: XangSane Model: 9001xlrcablepaoir
HiFi Audio Cable 4N Pure Silver XLR Balance Cable Carbon Fiber Plug for Amplifier Cd Player ..
Brand: XangSane Model: xcxlrpair
XccSee OFC Square core copper conductor HIFI Audio Signal Line XLR-XLR Connection audio cablesSpecifications: Type: XLR cable Connector: XLR Overall diameter: 9mm, Very thick&strong Conductor Size: Around 2 square mm Conductor Material: OFC Copper Conductor oxygen-free copper wires Ja..
Brand: XangSane Model: SP-5008Cu
P-5008Cu Fever XLR-XLR Single Crystal Copper Core HiFi Audio Balance Cable           ..
Brand: XangSane Model: SP-8001Cu
Xangsane Rectangular OCC Copper Conductor HIFI Audio Signal Line XLR-XLR Connection audio cablesName: Square core OCC XLR male and female balanced line Brand: Xangsane Model: SP-8001Cu OD: 10.0mm Material: Wire: PE insulation--PVC insulation--Pure copper shielding mesh layer--Copper foil shield..
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