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DIY Rca Plug

Brand: XangSane Model: 90dutanxianweirca
HiFi Audio Adapter Carbon Fiber Copper RCA Plug 7mm Gold-plated Signal Line Lotus Connector模板保护代码20190712..
Brand: XangSane Model: XSR02
Listen to the sound of nature and enjoy pure music This product accepts small batch customization window.adminAccountId=238253045;..
Brand: XangSane Model: XSBK1
xangsane pure copper gold-plated RCA plug 6mm signal cable plug lotus audio HiFi DIY plug 8pcs / 20pcs / 50pcs / 100pcs Name: XANGSANE pure copper RCA signal cable plug Brand: XANGSANE Total plug length: 48mm Shell length: 30mm Tail threading caliber: 6mm Body material: pure copper plated with 3u..
Brand: XangSane Model: XSRCA0144
Name: Self-locking gold-plated RCA audio signal cable plug Brand: Xangsane Model: PR-109 Material: copper Welding: welding-free Size: Height: 53MM Diameter: 13MM Inlet diameter: ≤9MM Features: anti-corrosion, plug-resistant, sound balanced and sweet The plug is self-locking and can be adjusted for t..
Brand: XangSane Model: XS-6001Au
Hi-Fi Enjoy Pure copper gold-plated RCA plug  window.adminAccountId=238253045;..
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